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Japanese: オルガキル~横スクロールACTゲーム~

Genre : ,

Studio: ONEONE1

Type: Series

Status: Completed

Duration: 11 min.

Released on: Feb 5, 2016

Views: 2871 Views

Sinopsis :

Ayana Kirisaki was enjoying herself at a sex party when a man in black suddenly called her away.

She was brought to the offices of the Prime Minister where she met the PM and a professor.

The professor’s twin brother was staging a coup d’etat.

Ayana had previously caught the PM’s eye saving her school from aliens. Now, it was more than a school that needed saving.

What would Ayana do to save her country?

The very aliens Ayana fought before were allied with the professor’s treasonous twin, using tentacles to create a living weapon.

Clearly, they were planning to take over Neo Japan.

The brother’s rampage must be stopped. Before Ayana and the country’s most powerful man, a humble professor, the brother of a traitor, asked
the pink-haired high schooler for help. The coup d’etat affected Ayana and her school too. She had every reason to lend a hand.

“This will help you!” the professor offered, giving Ayana a future-tech kitana with an electrical charge.

More than just a sword with a shock, this weapon was also tactile combat gear with the press of a button. It could adapt like smart weaponry to Ayana’s style, and was already preloaded with information about the aliens she had defeated in the school invasion.

Ayana’s own “Orga Power” synced with the kitana/gear. In battle, she would be unstoppable.

Donning the tactile gear, Ayana set off to face the professor’s brother… and save Japan.

too long synopsis eh?



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