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Japanese: 色欲INFINITE

Genre : , ,

Studio: Queen Bee

Type: Series

Status: Completed

Duration: 19 min.

Released on: August 28, 2020

Views: 992 Views

Sinopsis :

The Gene of Spear Walnut
The women of the spear family are so full of spoilers.
Mother’s Mitsuko and second daughter Sayoko still bring a man into the house today, and her father tends to be away.
Mitsumi Kurumi, who resists such a family, but who can not resist Bitch’s gene, is in estrus with the tutor hired to improve her grades!
Studying that way, I’ll start sticking stamens and stamens together!

Yarima Delivery
A delivery man who came to deliver to a room in the condominium, but what came out of the house was Kurumi Yasuma, a naked girl.
When the embarrassing deliveryman is welcomed into the house, Mako’s mother is in the middle of an orgy party with young men in the room!
Kurumi who is in estrus throws words of invitation to a delivery man who swallows raw saliva and has a tight crotch with excitement.

Yarima Taxi
One day, a taxi driver loaded two mothers and daughters in strangely sexy clothes.
The drivers were surprised by the guests who said they were returning to the orgy party, but they didn’t know that their foolery would stay, and they started to masturbate by getting naked in the car.
Eventually, the driver, who lost the temptation, parked his taxi in the dark, unpopular area.


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