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Japanese: サキュバステードライフ THE ANIMATION

Genre : , , ,

Studio: Pink Pineapple

Type: Series

Status: Completed

Duration: 25 min.

Released on: August 28, 2020

Views: 74 Views

Sinopsis :

My parents were single employees and lived alone… Recently, I am living with my classmate’s self-proclaimed succubus.
Mr. Sakuramachi, a classmate who is sober and unfriendly but popular with boys.
I had never talked even once, once you are familiar intimately to the opportunity of meeting of the committee … was attacked by a reverse I thought is!?
“I, succubus of the” What a joke!? I
settled on the addition of !! The
semen is squeezed out in the morning and I’m very tired, but it feels even better…
With a tongue that entangles in the morning, quietly waits in the school during the day, continuous ejaculation in the bed at night ── What happens to my body if I continue to be so pleasant!?
With Mr. Sakuramachi Extreme sexual activity!


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