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Japanese: dokidokiりとる大家さん 2nd

Genre : ,

Studio: 14 rabbits

Type: Series

Status: Completed

Duration: 14 min.

Released on: Jul 2, 2017

Views: 8658 Views

Sinopsis :

Really came to like a listing joke that can be a landlord and Mufufu If we pay the rent,
downright tiny was a landlord!?

It is seven years of Years to finally interactive movie sequel of the completed circle intimacy through!
Than Please enjoy ‘hospitality’ by the Petit Chita body with the evolution to H.
Of course, you can enjoy those who did not play before.

This time, the hero who transformed into the huge root macho by the energetic agent
committed a hole called hole of the little tiny owner’s house ! 

★ Interactive specification packed full of sense of presence to directly touch the movie.
 It is also good to defeat the owner’s fist and let it go. It is also good to push it out violently! It also does good! 

★ There is no need to worry about various development with touch guide (on / off possible).

★ FINISH button resident at any time FINISH possible!

★ Physical operation implementation expresses the real shake unique to CG.

★ Cross section drawing and semantic descriptions are included perfectly!

★ Multi angle compatible.

Be sure to download the trial version before purchasing, thank you to confirm operation confirmation and “notes”.


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