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Japanese: VIPER RSR

Genre : , ,

Studio: SOGNA

Type: Series

Status: Completed

Duration: 15 min.

Released on: Oct 31, 2006

Views: 3771 Views

Sinopsis :

fantasy role-playing game presented in real-time animation with more than 8000 total movie pictures !! 

~ Alitalia world where humans and demons coexist ~ 
But peace was closed by darkness overnight by Demon Lord Diablo. 

The fight with demons fell several decades ago, peace comes and even if it says the army, it is Altaria kingdom which became only the form. 
Elan belonging to the exceptional cavalry army was looking back on his 
absence and staying up to daily training to keep up with his friends Carla, Alfa . 

One day, he was ordered to investigate the case that the daughter of the castle was missing recently from the King.


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